My name is Andrew Newton, but my friends, my family, my boss, his boss, and just about anybody who knows me just call me “Andy”.

I work in the tech sector, much of my experience being in the niche of Internet infrastructure. I’m not a router geek or a DNS nerd (though I know a good bit about both), but a software development / applications guy dealing with those services at the “core of the Internet” that keep everything glued together.

Tech Stuff

At the moment, I have two big Internet-tech initiatives, the Registry Data Access Protocol (RDAP), and an out-growth of trying to do specifications in JSON (such as RDAP), JSON Content Rules.

I’ve also lately become interested in efforts to decentralize social networks from the big players. Here is a primer I wrote on on a decentralized Twitter-alternative.

And I’ve done other stuff… from playing with LDAP to having it out with billing systems. Once upon a time I was a Windows programmer, and chances are good if you live in North America you have been in a building with an automation system running some of my code.

And the Other…

Outside of tech, I’m into strength training and power lifting, self-defense (including firearms) and martial arts (I hold a black belt rank in Judo). I love searching out new music, (especially Indie or what some people use to call college music and then “alternative”)… check out a music blog I run with a friend of mine, and I am a very amateur photographer. And I love, love, love to argue with people – mostly about politics.


See RFC 1035, section 4.1.1

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