New-to-Me Americana

While Lawless wouldn’t be the first movie made around it’s soundtrack, it might be the first folk/Americana movie to invoke the formula using a legendary punk/post-punk artist. Nick Cave wrote the script with a particular soundtrack in mind, and then went about convincing some of the most well-known names in American roots music to sign the lyrics. This is Cosmonaut featuring Emmylou Harris.

While not a movie, the video to The Dead South’s “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company” is certainly cinematic in it’s scope, placing the band in multiple locations while keeping in rythm with this awesome tune. And while I place this under “Americana” (something easily done given the band’s name), it should be noted that The Dead South hails Saskatchewan, Canada.

Rounding out this post, here’s a song with a bit more grit and bite than the previous two. From the new-isth rock band, Dorothy, this tune falls into the Americana category for its deep-blues momentum and musical roots components such as backing harmonica and vocals. And while I can’t find the specifics, this song was used at some point in The Walking Dead. Dorothy // Gun In My Hand

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